Gluten Free Tea: Don’t Assume All Tea Is Gluten-Free

May 10, 2011

Cooking & Shopping

There are many foods and beverages that cause gluten allergy reactions in people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Some of them may cause you to ask: “Why would that product contain gluten?”

As many people with gluten intolerance have found out, some brands of tea do, in fact, contain gluten ingredients in either the tea or the tea bags.

Fortunately, this is most common in flavored teas, which may contain natural or artificial flavorings with ingredients that contain gluten. Most black teas don’t contain gluten. However, never assume. Always look for the words “gluten free” on the box or ask the manufacturer.

The following teas do not contain gluten, according to various sources or the manufacturer’s website:

  • Tetley Teas
  • Some brands of Celestial Seasonings (The boxes are labeled as such, but the teas are not manufactured in a gluten free facility; if you are highly sensitive to gluten, you may want to pick a different brand)
  • The Republic of Tea, which is highly recommended by several gluten free bloggers
  • Stash Teas, which are manufactured in a gluten free facility
  • Bigelow (some brands)
  • Twinings Tea (some brands)
  • Many Tazo teas, served at Starbucks
  • All the tea (and coffee) served at Gloria Jean’s Coffee Beans shops


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