Celebrate Gluten Intolerance Awareness Month with Gluten Free Cookbooks

The gluten intolerance community and countries around the world are celebrating Gluten Intolerance Awareness / Celiac Disease Awareness Month this May. A number of organizations, bloggers and celiacs are recommending to family and friends that they eat gluten free for one week to gain a better understanding of the challenges those with gluten sensitivity face every day.

Even those who are not diagnosed with celiac disease may realize health benefits from gluten free living, which may include increased energy and weight loss. We like Gluten Free Girl’s views on celiac disease, which she posted on her blog: “If you’re going to have any kind of disease or autoimmune disorder, be grateful for the one that heals with great food." The post also features a number of reviews for gluten free cookbooks.

Gluten free cookbooks are a great place to start if you are new to gluten free cooking. With time, you’ll learn how to modify your own recipes to make them gluten free. Until then, gluten free cookbooks can guide you. You’ll see exactly what Gluten Free Girl means by “great food.”

Where to Find Gluten Free Cookbooks
Of course, a good place to start your search for gluten free cookbooks is at Amazon.com. But rather than searching blindly, which can be overwhelming, check out some of the reviews from gluten free bloggers. Whether you’re looking for gluten free recipes for sweets and desserts, main courses, breads and other baked goods or entertaining, you’ll find hundreds of choices.

The Celiac Sprue Association also has a selection of cookbooks you can order and gluten free recipes available free at the website.

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